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Soccer Resilience Foundations for Coaches

Become the coach who nurtures unwavering composure and focus amid high-pressure situations, who helps their team rebound swiftly from setbacks, and who fosters an unshakable self-belief in every player.

That's precisely what Soccer Resilience® training offers you!

With our Soccer Resilience® Foundations Course tailored for coaches, YOU'LL BE TAUGHT by seasoned pros who have masterfully cultivated their mental game. These mentors will generously impart their invaluable wisdom, insider strategies, and proven techniques to empower you mentally.


  • Cultivate calmness and focus under pressure.
  • Enable your team to bounce back from setbacks swiftly and effortlessly.
  • Instill unshakable self-confidence and belief in your players.
  • Make sound decisions on the field.
  • Elevate your team's performance during critical moments.
  • Ensure that your players enjoy the game to the fullest, free from stress and anxiety.
  • Forge a robust mental foundation to lead your team to success in soccer and beyond.


  • 20 In-Depth Lessons | Total: 48 minutes
  • 19 Engaging Videos
  • 1 Interactive Feedback Form
  • 1 Comprehensive Course PLAYBOOK

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If your commitment is unwavering when it comes to cultivating your coaching prowess, then this Soccer Resilience® Foundations course is YOUR next step. Invest in yourself, invest in your coaching career, and become an even better YOU!"