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Are you willing to do what it takes to be the best soccer player you can be?

Become the player who always performs their best when it matters most.

Become the player who stays calm and focused under pressure, bounces back from setbacks, and always believes in themself.

That's what Soccer Resilience® training can help you achieve!


  • Stay calm and focused under pressure
  • Bounce back from setbacks quickly and easily
  • Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed
  • Make better decisions on the field
  • Perform at your best when it matters most
  • Have more fun! (because you're not letting stress and anxiety get in your way)
  • Build a strong mental foundation to help you succeed in soccer and in life. 

17 Lessons | Total : 40 minutes

  • 15 Videos
  • 1 Feedback Form
  • 1 Course PLAYBOOK

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If you're serious about becoming the best player you can be, this Soccer Resilience® Foundations course is for YOU! Invest in yourself, invest in your future, and become a better YOU!

* For Clubs and Organizations: If you represent a club or organization and are interested in providing access to our elite courses for a team, we have tailored packages available. 

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What People Are Saying:

I think this course is a great introduction, and I'm excited to check out future courses. I liked the practical exercises that can be applied immediately. I also appreciate how accessible this course is, and the stories and exercises stand out as resources that I can refer back to when I need them.

RYAN ADELEYE, 10 Year Pro Player

I really enjoyed the course, and I think many players could benefit from its great knowledge! I especially liked the finger breathing exercise, which is easy to do anywhere.

MADI, 17 Years Old, Granite Bay FC

I want to thank Soccer Resilience® for their investment in me and helping me become a more well rounded player, and more mindful person. When we prioritize our mindset, we're better equipped to approach the game with a growth mindset, which dramatically accelerates our development.

BRIANNA PINTO, NC Courage Midfielder

Responding to adversity, big or small, and staying in the present moment are skills that allow me to play freely and unlock my potential!

GEORGE MARKS, Charlotte FC Goalkeeper

Soccer Resilience® has helped me learn how to use my brain to overcome challenges and stay positive. The exercises are fun and effective, and the strategies are easy to understand. I highly recommend Soccer Resilience® to any soccer player, regardless of their level.


The most valuable thing I learned from this course was how to cope with stress before a game. The five-finger exercise is a great way to do this, and it's something I can do anywhere. I also found that the course helped me grow my mindset and manage my stress more effectively. I highly recommend this course to other athletes!

GABBY, 11 Years Old, Placer United & Cal North ODP

I really enjoyed the course and feel that it has given me great tools to grow as an athlete. I was especially impacted by the tips on how to deal with performance anxiety, particularly the ones about focusing on the crowd and feeling my feet.

WYATT OMLI, Belmont Abbey College Men's Soccer Player

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