Bryan Byrne Joins Soccer Resilience® as COO, Bringing Unparalleled Expertise and Passion to the Team

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Bryan Byrne Joins Soccer Resilience as COO

 July 13, 2023 - Soccer Resilience®, whose mission is to elevate every member of the soccer community through elite mental fitness, is thrilled to announce the appointment of former NCAA D1 Champion, MLS player, and serial entrepreneur Bryan Byrne as their new Chief Operating Officer (COO). With his extensive experience in the soccer industry, entrepreneurial achievements, and deep understanding of mental challenges in the game, Bryan is poised to lead operations and further enhance the brand's exceptional journey of helping the soccer community develop mental strength.

Bryan's impressive background includes founding the renowned website SoccerCleats101, where he worked directly with major brands such as Nike, adidas, and Puma, as well as establishing partnerships with prominent online retailers like His entrepreneurial spirit and strategic mindset played a pivotal role in helping Aviata Sports become a leading goalkeeper specialist brand in the US.

"As I step into the role of COO at Soccer Resilience, I am thrilled to merge my passion for soccer, my experience as a professional player, and my entrepreneurial achievements. My journey on the field has taught me the power of teamwork, resilience, and overcoming mental challenges at the highest level. Through the process of building SoccerCleats101 from scratch, I honed my skills in strategy, relationship building, and meticulous execution, serving the needs of soccer players. My time at Aviata Sports provided invaluable expertise in managing daily operations, ensuring seamless logistics, and cultivating strong partnerships. These experiences have given me a deep understanding of the soccer industry and its critical components for operational success."

Having experienced his own mental challenges during his soccer journey, Bryan brings a unique perspective to Soccer Resilience®. Originally from Ireland, Bryan arrived in the US on a soccer scholarship, facing the daunting task of adapting to a new education system and the intricacies of college soccer. His freshman year presented its share of challenges, followed by a heartbreaking loss in the 2004 National Championship. However, Bryan viewed these obstacles as opportunities for growth and resilience. In a remarkable turn of events, he and his team, the UCSB Gauchos, defied all odds by returning to the national championship in 2006 as an unranked team. In a thrilling final match against UCLA, Bryan and his teammates showcased their determination and mental fortitude, emerging victorious with a remarkable 2-1 victory. This triumph not only highlighted Bryan's resilience in overcoming adversity but also demonstrated the collective strength and unwavering spirit of the UCSB team.

Wells Thompson, Founder and CEO of Soccer Resilience®, expressed his excitement about Bryan joining the team.

"Bryan's expertise and passion for soccer, combined with his deep understanding of mental challenges, make him an invaluable addition to Soccer Resilience®. We are thrilled to have him onboard, and I have no doubt that his contributions will drive us forward in empowering athletes through mental strength development."

Furthermore, Bryan's professional career in soccer is marked by notable achievements and valuable experiences. In 2007, he was drafted by the New England Revolution as the 35th overall pick, embarking on his journey as a professional player. During his time with the New England Revolution, Bryan had the opportunity to be teammates with Soccer Resilience® CEO, Wells Thompson, forming a lasting bond and shared understanding of the challenges faced in the sport. They were part of a team that played in an 2007 MLS Cup final and won the 2007 US Open Cup. From there, Bryan headed to California and won a PDL Championship with Ventura County Fusion in 2009.

Reflecting on his professional playing experience, Bryan shares, "Through the incredible experience of playing pro, I faced the challenge of being a bench player, it was the first time I experienced sitting on the sideline watching every game. Without any support or anywhere to turn, I found myself struggling mentally and shut down. The playing talent and ability was there, but I lacked the mental fortitude. It is an area where I wish I'd received more support and guidance."

Bryan's personal journey as a professional player has fueled his passion for ensuring that athletes receive the necessary mental strength support throughout their careers. He recognizes the significance of mental fortitude in facing the challenges of professional soccer and aims to provide the guidance and support that he himself wished he had received.

Bryan Byrne's dedication extends beyond the soccer field, as he is actively involved in coaching at Placer United and holds a US C-license. Alongside his professional pursuits, Bryan finds fulfillment in his role as a loving husband to Alissa and a devoted father to their three children, Austin, Savannah, and McKinley. Balancing his multifaceted responsibilities, Bryan exemplifies the qualities of dedication, resilience, and versatility that drive his role as COO at Soccer Resilience®

Soccer Resilience® elevates every member of the soccer community through elite mental fitness.

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