WE ARE MORE THAN _________.

We are humans first, everything else second. Our identities go beyond our roles and our jobs. We are not our W-L record, our stats, or our performance. Who we are is more important than anything we do. Having an identity beyond sport allows us to live a more authentic life, experience more balance, and live and play soccer more freely and courageously.

We choose to embrace our humanity!


Leadership's about serving others. We strive to be selfless, humble, and encouraging in everything we do. We live with compassion for ourselves and others, putting people first and always looking for ways to help them succeed. No task is beneath us, we roll up our sleeves and we get to work.. We do whatever it takes to support our team members and achieve our goals. 

We choose to serve!


Challenges are opportunities to grow. We don't see setbacks as obstacles, but as opportunities to learn and become stronger. We have the grit, resilience, and courage to persevere through any challenge. We know that the only way to achieve our goals is to embrace the hard work and challenges along the way. We are not afraid to struggle, because we know that struggle is the path to growth.

We choose to embrace the suck!


Life’s about relationships! We need each other in order to reach our full potential and become who we were created to be. We’re better together! Only with the unique perspectives and experiences of others are we able to flourish and thrive. We live with an abundance mindset and we value diversity: the more options, the more choices and the more input and resources we have, the further we'll go and the more people we'll be able to impact.

We choose WE over me!


We take charge of our own lives. We invest in our game, our lives, and our personal growth. We know that we're responsible for our own success. This means taking action with purpose and intention. It means setting goals and taking tangible steps to achieve them. Being invested means thinking for ourselves and forging our own path. We understand that there's no one-size-fits-all solution to success.

We are driven!


In the face of life's challenges, we choose joy. We prioritize fun and laughter because they are essential to living, playing, and being our best selves. We refuse to be defined by pressure, expectations, or social conditioning. We shift our mindset and keep things in perspective so that we can live lighter, happier, and more fulfilled lives.

We choose joy!