Cal North ODP and Soccer Resilience® Unite to Build Resilient Athletes and Thriving Communities

cal north odp partnership
cal north odp partnership

Big news to kick off this week as we're thrilled to announce a new partnership with Cal North Soccer Association, the original youth soccer organization in Northern California.

 Cal North has a rich history of serving generations of players, coaches, leagues, and clubs, making it an integral part of the soccer community.

From our very first call, it was clear that this would be a powerful collaboration between two organizations that are ready to take holistic player development to a new level.

"At Cal North, our mission has always been to provide young soccer players with opportunities to grow and excel. We're excited to partner with Soccer Resilience® to further enhance our commitment to player development. Together, we will empower our athletes to become not only skilled soccer players but also well-rounded individuals who can face any challenge with resilience and determination."

Kevin Crow, Cal North Soccer's Director of Player Development.

This new partnership is a great chance for Cal North ODP soccer players, their parents, and coaches to improve both their skills and resilience. They will get access to the Soccer Resilience® Foundations course, as well as live online training sessions with Soccer Resilience's experienced and elite team of current and former pros. All of this is designed to give coaches, parents, and players the tools they need to think better so they can play better.



Cal North ODP is committed to nurturing young talents and providing them with a platform to reach their full potential. And what makes it extra special is that this aligns perfectly with Soccer Resilience®'s philosophy of creating well-rounded players who excel not only in their sport but in life.

Wells Thompson, CEO of Soccer Resilience®, expresses his excitement about the partnership:

"Cal North ODP's dedication to player, parent and coach development mirrors our mission at Soccer Resilience®. We're proud to join forces and empower young athletes with the resilience and skills they need to succeed, both on and off the pitch. With the growing demands of the sport and the ever-increasing pressures of everyday life, kids (and all of us!) need these tools more than ever."

Cal North ODP is a member of US Youth Soccer and US Soccer, with affiliations reaching the international soccer community through FIFA. This partnership signifies a shared vision to provide holistic development for young soccer players and to create lifelong supporters of the game.


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About Soccer Resilience®: We transform performance from the inside out. We're dedicated to empowering and equipping YOU (coaches, parents, players) with the resilience and skills needed to excel on AND off the pitch. Our leadership team is a powerhouse of experience and expertise, including a 20+ year clinical psychologist, a 13-year NWSL veteran, an MLS Cup champion, a NCAA D.1 national champion, a 10+ year high school head coach and teacher, and more. We believe success in soccer (and life) goes beyond just physical abilities; it's about learning how to think better in order to perform better. That's why we've partnered with Pros from MLS, NWSL, and USL, as well as elite sports psychologists and top coaches to deliver transformative courses and services that produce real results.

About Cal North Soccer Association: Cal North Soccer Association, established in 1969, is the original youth soccer organization in Northern California. With a history of serving generations of players, coaches, leagues, and clubs, Cal North is deeply rooted in the soccer community. Through affiliation, the organization's clubs and leagues are also members of US Youth Soccer and US Soccer, contributing to a global family of support for young soccer players.

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