Welcoming Sierra College Women's Soccer to an Elite Mental Fitness Journey

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In an exciting development that speaks to a commitment to player growth and holistic development, Soccer Resilience® is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Sierra College Women's Soccer. 

This partnership is more than just an alliance; it's a journey to shape resilient and exceptional players by enhancing mental fortitude. Through our transformative approach, we're equipping Sierra College players with the tools they need to overcome challenges, maintain focus, and thrive under pressure this season. Each player will have access to the Elite Mental Fitness Essentials course, as well as our incredibly powerful PLAYBOOK, and a 1-on-1 session with Dr. Brad Miller, Psy.D  to kick things off.

Sierra College Women's Soccer Team stands as a symbol of soccer greatness, consistently achieving top-level success. Last season, the Wolverines were recognized by the United Soccer Coaches Association with the #11 Ranking in the Nation. This is the 5th consecutive season the team has ranked in the top 20. The Wolverines also maintained a undefeated record at home for the 2nd consecutive season.

Head Coach Jason Gantt, shares our excitement for this partnership. He emphasizes, "I'm thrilled to provide our players with the opportunity to enhance their mental fortitude, a crucial yet often neglected aspect of the game. Soccer Resilience®'s expertise aligns perfectly with our commitment to creating well-rounded, resilient athletes."


Dr. Brad Miller, Psy.D, expresses his enthusiasm for this partnership: 'I'm truly excited to work closely with Sierra College Women's Soccer Team. This collaboration presents a fantastic opportunity to equip these players with the mental tools they need to excel in their sport and beyond. I look forward to guiding them on a transformative journey towards enhanced mental fitness and resilience.'"


Empowering the Future of Soccer

As we embark on this journey with Sierra College Women's Soccer Team, our collective aim is clear: to empower players to elevate their game by mastering the mental aspect. By nurturing resilience, confidence, and unwavering focus, we're setting the stage for them to excel not only in soccer but in all facets of life.

Stay tuned as we celebrate the transformative impact of mental fitness on the pitch and beyond.

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About Soccer Resilience®:

Soccer Resilience® stands at the forefront of mental fitness and holistic development. Through expert insights, transformative courses, and the collective wisdom of sports psychologists, coaches, and pro players, we're redefining athletic training. Our mission is to unleash the potential within each athlete, fostering resilience, confidence, and excellence.

About Sierra College Women's Soccer Team:

Sierra College Women's Soccer Team has etched their legacy through consistent excellence. With a string of NorCal Finals appearances and national recognition, they're a force to be reckoned with. Committed to shaping not just soccer stars but well-rounded individuals, their partnership with Soccer Resilience® reflects a shared vision of holistic development.


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