leadership wells thompson


The word itself evokes images of bold figures, confident decisions, and a clear path forward. But let's be honest...

👉 the reality is often far less glamorous.

Instead of piloting a rocket ship🚀, most days feel like navigating a rickety rowboat🚣 through a hurricane🌪️.

It’s a whirlwind of responsibility, uncertainty, and even sadness.

As a practicing leader, I know the feeling well. Every setback, every stumble, feels like a personal failure. The voice in my head whispers, "Could I have done better?" 

And the answer, more often than not, is a gut-wrenching "yes." 😔

But here's the secret: acknowledging this self-doubt isn't weakness, it's humanity. 

It's owning the vulnerability that comes with caring deeply about the people around you, about achieving something bigger than yourself.

Because leadership isn't just about titles and numbers. It's about people.

People like you and me who are messy, unpredictable, and capable of both immense joy and crushing disappointment. People who come and go, who test your patience and your faith, and sometimes leave you questioning everything. 🤔

This, my friends, is the challenge I propose. Let's rewrite the leadership narrative. Let's show the world that behind the titles and accolades, there are hearts that ache, minds that doubt, and souls that yearn for connection.

Let's own the gray areas, the moments of doubt, the tears that nobody sees.


Because in this vulnerability, lies the true strength of connection. It's the foundation for genuine, human-centered leadership. ❤️🤝

Keep building resilience,

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