Sporting Columbus Continues Club-Wide Partnership with Soccer Resilience®

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Soccer Resilience® is thrilled to announce our ongoing partnership with the esteemed soccer club, Sporting Columbus. This collaboration is all about taking player performance to the next level and fostering a well-rounded development approach.

Sporting Columbus, a true symbol of soccer greatness in Central Ohio, shares a remarkable vision. They're not just about creating exceptional players but also nurturing individuals who shine both on and off the field. This syncs beautifully with what we stand for at Soccer Resilience® – a groundbreaking platform that redefines training by harnessing the immense potential of the mind.

"At Sporting Columbus, our mission transcends the boundaries of the field. We aspire to craft not just remarkable soccer players, but leaders and achievers who excel beyond the pitch. Our partnership with Soccer Resilience® is instrumental in achieving this goal. Through their unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge resources, Soccer Resilience® empowers our players to cultivate unyielding mental strength, unlocking their full potential." - Jeffrey Warren, Sporting Columbus President

We share a common belief that soccer excellence and mental resilience go hand in hand. At Soccer Resilience®, we've tapped into the combined expertise of top-notch sports psychologists, forward-thinking coaches, and the invaluable experiences of MLS, NWSL, USL and other pro players. The result? Thoughtfully crafted courses that don't just offer insights, but bring about real and remarkable change and growth!

"Success on the soccer field is a blend of physical prowess and mental acumen. At Soccer Resilience®, we're all in to fine-tune athletes', coaches', and parents' mental game – fostering unwavering self-belief, grit, and tactical smarts. Together with Sporting Columbus, who we're so proud to partner with, we're crafting a path to holistic achievement." - Wells Thompson, Soccer Resilience® CEO


As we move forward together, our aim is clear: to boost Sporting Columbus players, parents, and coaches to levels they've never reached before. It's all about arming them with the ultimate weapon – RESILIENCE!


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About Soccer Resilience®: At Soccer Resilience®, we unlock the true power within you, going beyond mere athletic skill. Here, we embrace a philosophy that differentiates us from others—a belief that the mind is not a mere spectator in the game, but the ultimate catalyst for transformation. Through partnerships with top-tier sports psychologists, renowned coaches, and wisdom from elite players, Soccer Resilience® delivers life-changing courses meticulously crafted to unleash optimal performance both on and off the field.

About Sporting Columbus Sporting Columbus aspires to be the finest youth sports organization and an integral part of player growth (on and off the field). By promoting development and sportsmanship in an enjoyable environment, Sporting Columbus encourages a healthy lifestyle and love of sports in its players. Sporting Columbus was founded in 2018 by Dave Merrick, Geoff Starks and Jeffrey Warren, partners over the past 24 years in various youth sports ventures including seven years as Columbus Crew SC player development directors. Each founder brings his own set of skills from coaching to business development that overlap and work well together to set-up Sporting Columbus to succeed at achieving its mission.

Are you ready to take your soccer game to extraordinary heights? With expert guidance from top coaches and insights from MLS and NWSL players, our carefully crafted courses are designed to empower you with the mental resilience and skills needed to shine on the field and beyond. 

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