The Power of One Minute: How I Cultivated a Daily Meditation Practice

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Dr Brad's one Minute Rule

In our fast-paced and highly distracted world, finding moments of calm and inner peace can be a challenge. That sure is true for me! We often hear about the benefits of meditation, but many of us struggle to incorporate it into our daily lives consistently. However, what if I told you that just one minute of meditation every day could make a significant difference?

The Struggle of Inconsistent Meditation:

Back in November, 2022, I found myself facing a familiar challenge—my struggle with inconsistent meditation. Recognizing the need for change, I embarked on a 30-day challenge, committing to meditate for just one minute every day. Despite doubts that one minute would be sufficient, I shifted my focus to the importance of building a routine and showing up consistently.

Building Confidence through Repetition:

During those 30 days, I did end up missing a day. However, I refused to let that setback define my journey or deter me from continuing on. By the end of the challenge, I felt an empowering sense of confidence in my meditation practice because I had built it through repetition.

Taking It a Step Further: The Five Minute Rule:

Encouraged by my progress, I decided to take my practice to the next level. I established the Five Minute Rule—a minimum commitment of meditation time, with the freedom to go longer if I chose to. Amazingly, over five months have passed, and I haven't missed a single day. This consistent practice has nurtured an enduring sense of trust within myself, elevating my confidence to unprecedented heights. I can honestly say I have never exhibited such consistency in any other area of my life.

The Power of Starting Small:

If you find yourself struggling to build habits or establish routines, I encourage you to embrace the One Minute Rule. It is a simple yet profound way to initiate change. Begin with just one minute of meditation each day. Make a heartfelt commitment to honor that one minute, setting reminders on your phone, creating a tranquil meditation space in your home, and doing whatever else is necessary to ensure your daily presence.

The Challenge:

Here Is my challenge to you: commit to meditating for one minute every day for the next 30 days.

Take the leap and make a promise to yourself. Set a reminder on your phone, designate a serene meditation space in your home, and take any other steps necessary to ensure you show up for that one minute each day. And we've tried to make it a little easier for you - here's a habit tracker you can print out to hold yourself accountable and track your journey.

Remember, this challenge isn't about becoming a meditation expert overnight. It's about developing the habit of showing up, committing to yourself, and building trust in your ability to follow through on your intentions. Through this practice, you'll lay the foundation for self-discipline and self-care.

Why should you accept the challenge? Here's why...

It has been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that meditation reduces anxiety and stress, improves sleep, increases focus and confidence, turns down the overthinking, and improves positive emotions like motivation and excitement.

During your meditation practice, it's important to understand that thoughts naturally arise. Don’t fight the thoughts. Just observe them, let them go, and bring your focus back to your breath or body. Every time your mind wanders and you bring it back to your breath, you just did a rep to strengthen the part of your brain that helps you regain focus.


Are you ready to embrace the One Minute Rule challenge and discover the transformative power of meditation? By dedicating just one minute a day to your practice, you can pave the way for lasting change and a greater sense of inner peace. Start small, build momentum, and witness the profound impact it can have on your life. So, are you up for the challenge?

Don't forget to download and print out your habit tracker :)

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