Soccer Resilience® Teams Up with TOR Futbol to Transform Soccer Culture

TOR Futbol Partnership

We're excited to share that Soccer Resilience® and TOR Futbol are teaming up! This partnership is inspired by Eryka's incredible journey, which deeply moved our founder, Wells Thompson.

Together, our organizations are committed to supporting athletes in every aspect of their development. Soccer Resilience empowers athletes, coaches, and parents with tools for success both on and off the field. We understand that athletes are more than just their sport and aim to help them grow as individuals through their athletic experiences.

TOR Futbol shares this holistic approach.

Led by Eryka Underwood, TOR Futbol offers top-quality technical training. But Eryka understands that an athlete's mindset is just as important as their skills. She isn't just a coach. She's a warrior who's faced down adversity and emerged stronger (learn more). Drawing from her own experiences overcoming adversity, Eryka's committed to fostering resilience to help athletes succeed in all areas of life.

As Eryka says, "Our mind and body are intricately connected. By developing a positive mindset, athletes can conquer any challenge on the field and beyond."

For Soccer Resilience founder Wells Thompson, this partnership also allows Soccer Resilience to to expand our reach by partnering with local organizations: "By joining forces with like-minded organizations like TOR Futbol, we can provide more coaches and communities with the resources to truly transform lives."

Eryka also recognizes the potential of this collaboration: "I'm thrilled to partner with Soccer Resilience to provide athletes tools to build resilience on and off the field. Equipping the next generation is deeply meaningful to me, and I'm proud to shape the future of athletes as part of the Soccer Resilience family."

Through this exclusive partnership, TOR Futbol will become an affiliate provider of Soccer Resilience products and services. All TOR Futbol families will have access to Soccer Resilience courses at a discounted rate. This represents a tremendous opportunity for athletes under Eryka's mentorship to develop the tools they need to thrive on and off the field.

Together, Soccer Resilience and TOR Futbol will empower athletes to reach new heights. By nurturing resilience and growth, we aim to unleash the potential within every young player.

Our shared mission is to shape not just better athletes, but better human beings equipped to excel in sports and life!


About Soccer Resilience®: Our mission is simple - we transform performance from the inside out. We believe success on and off the pitch goes beyond physical ability. It's about learning how to think better to perform better. And it works! We know because we’ve lived it.

About TOR Futbol: The purpose of TOR Futbol is to grow young athletes into the best versions of themselves through soccer and performance training. Period! Our private training sessions allow individuals and partners to receive personalized feedback that is tailored to meet their individual needs and goals. With our one on one coaching approach, athletes receive hyper-focused attention from our expert coaches, significantly enhancing their ball control and overall skills. 

Are you ready to take your soccer game to extraordinary heights? With expert guidance from top coaches and insights from MLS and NWSL players, our carefully crafted courses are designed to empower you with the mental resilience and skills needed to shine on the field and beyond. 

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