Views F.C. and Soccer Resilience Partner to Transform Youth Soccer Development

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May 9, 2023 - Soccer Resilience is proud to announce its partnership with Views FC, a grassroots club founded by MLS Cup Champion and former Costa Rican International, Rodney Wallace.

The collaboration aims to provide every player, coach, and parent in Views F.C. full access to Soccer Resilience's Online Academy, Soccer Resilience FC, an innovative mental fitness program designed to help athletes, coaches and parents develop their mental skills, both on and off the pitch.

Rodney Wallace, the founder of Views F.C., renowned for his dedication, commitment, and relentless work ethic during his 10-year professional career, is now applying his knowledge and experience to help young players chase their dreams and become successful in soccer and in all of  life.

"As an MLS Cup Champion and 10-year pro, I know the importance of the mental game to be successful in soccer and in life," said Rodney Wallace. "I'm grateful to partner with Soccer Resilience to bring mental fitness into the developmental stages of these kids' lives. Soccer Resilience's expertise and passion to serve our players, coaches, and parents will help us holistically serve our club so our players can achieve their goals on and off the field!"

The partnership between Soccer Resilience and Views F.C. is a testament to their shared commitment to empowering youth players to reach their full potential both on and off the field. Together, they will continue to build a positive culture that emphasizes commitment, consistency, joy, and respect for the beautiful game.

"When we first spoke to Rodney and heard his vision to build a club from the ground up to serve youth players from all backgrounds, we were blown away," said Dr. Brad Miller, the founder of Soccer Resilience and a 20+ year clinical psychologist. "We are excited to come alongside him and his family to support their dream and we are encouraged to partner with someone like Rodney who understands how impactful and transformative mental training can be for all of us!" 

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