Elite Mental Fitness Essentials Course + Playbook

Unlock the Power of Your Mind and Achieve Athletic Greatness


Here is what you'll learn from this course.

Winning Mindset: Embrace the attitudes and beliefs of champions.

Elite Strategies: Arm yourself with techniques from the pros, ready to tackle any challenge.

Freedom to Excel: Experience the game with joy, free from performance-hindering mental barriers.

Shine Under Pressure: Develop unmatched confidence to excel during game-defining moments.

✅ Resilience and Grit: Learn to use challenges as stepping stones to success.

Strategic Playbook: Access our comprehensive PLAYBOOK, a valuable add-on to the course, designed to enhance your mental strategies and optimize your performance both on and off the field.



* For Clubs and Organizations: If you represent a club or organization and are interested in providing access to our Elite Mental Fitness Essentials course for a team, we have tailored packages available. 

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Unlock My Potential!

Meet Your Coaches:

Our team of elite coaches boasts a rich history of athletic success. Learn from the best:

  • Dr. Brad Miller, Psy.D.
  • MLS Cup Champion Wells Thompson
  • NWSL Goalkeeper Michelle Betos
  • USL Midfielder Morgan Hackworth
  • NWSL 2X Champion Cari Roccaro
  • MLS Midfielder Brandt Bronico
  • MLS Goalkeeper George Marks
  • ... and more!

Benefits of Elite Mental Fitness Essentials:

  • Guidance from the Best: Unlock your potential under the mentorship of top-tier athletes.
  • Break Mental Barriers: Play with unmatched freedom and joy, no longer hindered by self-doubt.
  • A Playbook of Success: Access a treasure trove of actionable practices to continually refine your mental fitness.
  • Imagine stepping onto the pitch with complete freedom in your mind, unburdened by doubts, and fully immersed in the present moment.


“I absolutely loved taking the Elite Player Mental Fitness Essentials Course! What makes this course stand out is the chance to learn directly from experts like Dr. Brad, Wells, and current professional players!"



Why Choose Elite Mental Fitness Essentials?


  • Expertise at Your Fingertips: Dive deep into 35 lessons led by professional athletes, sharing their insider secrets and techniques.

  • Beyond Physical Training: While physical prowess is essential, the battlefield within our minds determines true success. Conquer doubt, fear, and distractions that have held you back.

  • A Winning Mindset: Success isn't just about the score. It's about adopting the mindset of champions. Learn to approach challenges, setbacks, and triumphs with a winner's perspective.

  • Stay Ahead: In the world of sports, every edge counts. Gain the mental upper hand and outperform your competition.
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