“My daughter’s been a part of Soccer Resilience® and it’s been a lifesaver - my only regret is that we didn't start sooner.
Shawn S.


This isn't your average course – it's Brianna's journey to greatness, poured into actionable lessons designed to transform you, both as a player and a person.

No more fluff or generic advice, just battle-tested strategies and the chance to learn from a PRO who's been there, done that, and WON!

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Our mission is simple - we transform performance from the inside out.

We believe success on and off the pitch goes beyond physical ability. It's about learning how to think better to perform better.

And it works! 
We know because we’ve lived it.


It’s not just theory. It’s about tapping into the living, breathing experience of pros who have navigated the journey from excelling in both youth and college sports to rising above the top 1% and achieving what most never will. 

We're not just handing you a playbook.We're providing you firsthand wisdom from those who have lived it!


Elite athletes know that physical training's essential, but they also understand that mental strength is just as important. Soccer Resilience® training gives you the tools you need to overcome fear, frustration, and self-doubt. You'll learn how to set goals, think like a champion, and build unshakable confidence.

Are you willing to do what it takes to be the best?

To be a better coach, become a better you! Soccer Resilience® training gives you the tools you need to:

  • Develop resilient players
  • Create a positive and supportive team culture
  • Become a better coach yourself

When you invest in your own growth, you're also investing in the success of your team!

The best way to teach your child about mental fitness is to invest in your own. When you show your kids that you value mental fitness, you're teaching them that it's essential for success in all areas of life. You're also sending the message that they should never stop learning and growing.

 When you invest in your own mental fitness, you're investing in your child's future.

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  • It was created by professional athletes in MLS, NWSL and the USL.
  • You'll learn earn how to think better so you'll perform better
  • You'll start playing with more freedom and joy
  • You'll discover how to break free from your inner negative voice
  • You'll build your confidence to perform better more consistently
  • Also included, a 30+ page Playbook, full of actionable practices.
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It's exactly what you believe.

From our interviews with thousands of people since 2020, a remarkable 98% believe that the mind influences 70% or more of performance and life. We ask you this to make you realize the significance of your mindset. Without training your brain, reaching your full potential is impossible.

Imagine the endless possibilities that lie within that untapped 70%.

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