Introducing Our Newest Ambassador, Pro Samantha Rosette

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We're thrilled to welcome Samantha Rosette as the newest ambassador to the Soccer Resilience® family!

From the streets of The Bronx to the professional soccer fields of Europe, Samantha Rosette's journey exemplifies the transformative power of passion and perseverance.  

The College Journey

Samantha's path has been marked by both triumphs and tribulations. As a collegiate athlete at the University of Virginia, a season-ending injury during her freshman year threatened her dreams. But she emerged from this adversity with invaluable lessons about resilience and determination. Samantha went on to earn her degree while continuing to pursue her love of the game.

From College to the World Stage

Upon graduation, her journey took her to the global stage of professional soccer. She made her illustrious Champions League debut with BIIK Shymkent in Kazakhstan. Subsequently, Samantha played a pivotal role in securing the Lithuania A-Lyga championship with FC Gintra. Though living abroad posed challenges, her indomitable spirit allowed her to thrive.

The Power of a Strong Mindset

Samantha's journey has not been without twists and turns. After her contract in Lithuania ended, she persevered through uncertainty to find her next opportunity with RCSA in Europe. Her willingness to step outside her comfort zone and dedication to her goals make her both an outstanding athlete and inspirational role model.

Samantha credits her work with a sports psychologist for fundamentally transforming her mindset both on and off the field. She has seen firsthand the power of mental tools in facing challenges and is excited to share her knowledge to help other young athletes.

As she says:

"When I first began to work with a Sports Psychologist, it changed everything for me. I've been utilizing the power of mental tools to help face challenges, grow my game, and my overall approach to life ever since. I've seen first-hand how impactful this work can be, and I'm so excited to share the knowledge and experience I've gained help others.Your mindset determines whether you reach your goals and enjoy the journey, and I want to help others tap into that."

We're honored to have Samantha as part of the Soccer Resilience® family. Stay tuned as she continues to champion the resilient mindset in the world of soccer and inspire others! 

You can learn more about Samantha on her Instagram --> @samantharosette


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