Celebrating a Continuing Journey: Soccer Resilience® and St. Louis CITY SC Academy

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In a remarkable testament to mutual growth and unwavering commitment, Soccer Resilience® proudly announces the continuation of its partnership with St. Louis CITY SC Academy for a third consecutive year. This reaffirmation stands as a testament to the unchanging value that Soccer Resilience® offers, reflecting the academy's trust and confidence in our transformative approach.

Elevating Excellence with St. Louis CITY SC Academy


St. Louis CITY SC Academy stands as a beacon of excellence in boys' professional development, shaping soccer prodigies within and beyond the St. Louis region. Committed to nurturing top-tier soccer talent, the academy is poised to become the premier youth soccer development program in North America, synonymous with unparalleled training, competition, and future professional prospects.

Dale Schilly, Academy Director, echoes the transformative impact of Soccer Resilience®:

"To reach top levels, players learn to fail and recover from it. The Resilience FC staff has helped St. Louis City SC Academy players overcome the adversity that all players face. But the work done with our staff to support the players and their experiences has been the most beneficial."



Unveiling Elite Mental Fitness Essentials


St. Louis CITY SC Academy holds the distinction of being among the first teams to embrace Soccer Resilience®'s groundbreaking new offering: the Elite Mental Fitness Essentials course. This course will further elevate players' mental resilience, equipping them to navigate the dynamic challenges of professional soccer with grace and determination.


A Glimpse into St. Louis CITY SC Academy's Vision


Players who align with St. Louis CITY SC Academy commit to a rigorous, year-round program that blends cutting-edge coaching, innovative training methods, and holistic wellness technologies. The program nurtures not just soccer skills but also teamwork, education, and personal growth. The Academy's ultimate goal is to equip players with the tools to excel in youth soccer's highest echelons.

As St. Louis CITY SC Academy's U15, U16, U17, and U20 teams compete on the grand stages of the MLS Next Academy League and UPSL Men's League, their partnership with Soccer Resilience® stands as a testament to the shared pursuit of excellence. The synergy between these two entities marks a compelling journey of growth, perseverance, and accomplishment.


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About St. Louis CITY SC Academy

St. Louis CITY SC Academy is a world-class boys' professional development academy, committed to molding exceptional soccer talent in the St. Louis region and beyond. With a focus on excellence, training, and holistic development, the Academy prepares players for the highest levels of youth soccer.

About Soccer Resilience®

Soccer Resilience® is a transformative platform that unlocks mental excellence in soccer athletes. Through proven strategies, cutting-edge insights, and expert guidance, Soccer Resilience® empowers players to overcome adversity, build resilience, and achieve their full potential.


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