From Yokohama to Major League Soccer: Hosei Kijima's Inspiring Journey of Resilience

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From Yokohama to Major League Soccer: Hosei Kijima's Inspiring Journey of Resilience

Imagine leaving your home and family at 12 years old to chase a dream across the ocean.

That's exactly what Hosei Kijima did.

Leaving his home and family in Yokohama, Japan, he crossed the Pacific to train at the renowned IMG Academy in Florida. 

His courage paid off, as part of that dream was realized when St. Louis City SC traded up in the MLS SuperDraft recently, jumping from No. 50 to No. 17, and used that pick to draft Hosei.  

But it wasn't a fairytale. Homesickness, language barriers, and grueling training pushed him to the brink. But Hosei had a secret weapon: his mind. He believed in himself, learned to overcome challenges, and turned doubt into fuel.

Four years at IMG paved the way for success at Wake Forest University, where Hosei's talent blossomed. He scored 9 goals, assisted 10 in 63 games, and earned second-team All-ACC honors.

"Hosei's work ethic is unmatched," says former MLS Cup champion Wells Thompson. "His mindset sets him apart. I have no doubt he'll flourish in the pros, and I can't wait to see it!"

Hosei's passionate about sharing the tools he's learned to build mental resilience. He wants everyone to know that with the right mindset, anything's possible.

"Your mind is your greatest asset," says Hosei. "But if you don't take care of it, it can hold you back."

 So, the next time you face a challenge, remember Hosei Kijima's story. Remember that your mind's your 'game-changer.' You too can learn to overcome doubt, build confidence, and achieve your dreams. 

Remember, it's not just about soccer, it's about life. We all have our own journeys, and Kijima's story is a reminder that no matter the obstacles, with the right attitude and support we can achieve our dreams. 

So, keep your head up and never stop believing in yourself!

See you on the big screen soon Hosei - go get em!

Wells Thompson
Soccer Resilience® Founder



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