Former Pro Wilfred Williams becomes Newest Ambassador

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Willfred Williams

Wilfred Williams, a Liberian native and former pro footballer, believes that the true power of soccer lies in giving back. Now the Owner of Willex Training and Director of Coaching for Tri-Cities United Soccer Club, he isn't just focused on winning – he's using his success to make a difference, especially in inspiring young athletes.

As Soccer Resilience's newest ambassador, Wilfred is a true force for good. He regularly travels back to his roots in Liberia, using his platform to uplift his community. Wilfred gets it: winning in soccer, like winning in life, takes more than just skills on the field. It takes a strong mindset. That's why he's partnering with Soccer Resilience, dedicated to using the game to create positive change.

"I want my athletes to be as sharp in their heads as they are on their feet!"

Wilfred's commitment to mental resilience comes from lived experience. In 2019, a wave of challenges hit him hard. Injuries sidelined his pro career, a relationship ended, and he lost his beloved niece. Without soccer as his usual outlet, he struggled emotionally. But through faith, Wilfred found the strength to rebuild.

"I ignored my mental health, focusing only on physical recovery. When I finally addressed that side, my love for everything – God, soccer, life itself – came flooding back. Those dark times? I was angry...but then I realized those are the places where we get stronger. I want that kind of total development for my players – the kind Soccer Resilience fosters."

Wells Thompson, who's known Wilfred for years, says, "Wilfred's a leader. And what I love most about him is his humility and heart for others! He's the perfect ambassador for our mission!"

Wilfred's message to you? Don't fear the hard times, they forge your greatest strengths. Invest in your mental game, nurture your spirit, and resilience will carry you through. In life, just like soccer, it's not if you get knocked down, but if you have the heart to get back up. 

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