You're Lying to Yourself

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you're lying to yourself

Ever catch yourself saying "I can't" when faced with a challenge?

Yeah me too! We've all been there - making excuses about why we can't achieve something.

  • "I can't wake up early."
  • "I can't stop scrolling social media."
  • "I can't play with my left foot."
  • "I can't stop yelling at my kids." 
  • "I can't lose weight."

You fool yourself into believing you truly can't do these things. But let's get real - they're lies.

The truth? It's not that you can't, you just won't.

You CAN wake up early.
❌ But you WON'T go to bed earlier to make it happen.

✅ You CAN take a break from social media and reclaim your time and mental clarity.
❌ But you WON'T stop because the fear of missing out (FOMO) keeps you glued.

✅ You CAN use your left foot.
❌ But you WON'T because you don't want to look bad in front of others. 

It's not a matter of ability; it's a matter of choice.

You CAN do most things you claim you can't. It's not about your capabilities; it's about your willingness to step out of your comfort zone and make different choices.

This isn't about shaming you into action. It's simply calling it what it is - you choosing other priorities over that goal. And that's allowed! You don't have to grind 24/7. But don't complain. Don't envy others' "luck" and "discipline." 

That's honest self-awareness. And that opens you up to reevaluating your true priorities and goals.

Here's the thing: saying "I can't" disempowers you. It paints a picture of limitations and helplessness. But "I won't"? That's a conscious decision. It acknowledges your agency and opens the door for personal responsibility.

Don't let your "can't" hinder you from achieving what you want.

The next time you hear that inner voice whisper "I can't," challenge it. Ask yourself, "Is this truly something I'm incapable of, or am I simply choosing not to do it?"

The power to change lies in taking ownership of your decisions, not in hiding behind excuses.

The choice is yours, my friend.

And remember, YOU CAN!

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